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A hearty welcome to TurboCAD Training and Support. TurboCAD Professional has all the tools you need for 2D Drafting as well as 3D conceptual design. There are also some exciting and creative features available. Easy rendering tools make this drawing suite a powerful assistant to your imagination.

With this website you will be able to purchase valuable TurboCAD products at a great price. Please see our TurboCAD Online Shop. We will also try to offer as much as possible online TurboCAD support through our website.

With our professional training staff we offer flexible courses. Not only do we make it possible to find suitable time in your diary, but we also present our courses in such a way that you can continue working for the majority working hours of a day. Afternoon courses and some weekend seminars are available to equip you with the information and tools you need. We also specialise in online training to train and support you in the comfort of your home or office.

TurboCAD Professional version 21

TurboCAD Pro delivers reasonably priced, professional CAD software. This includes software for design, drafting, and detailing, parametric constraints, 3D surface and ACIS® solid modelling, LightWorks™ photorealistic rendering, architectural and mechanical tools. Extensive file support will appeal to professionals across disciplines. It is essential to note, depending on your computer’s memory, that both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available. This makes it easier to take full advantage of your hardware's available computer memory. Read more on the features of TurboCAD Pro 21.

TurboCAD Mac Professional Version 7

This all-in-one package offers such a wide variety of tools that you cannot afford to go without it. It ensures that designers get outstanding features and value for their money. TurboCAD® Mac Pro brings value and productivity in a professional 2D/3D CAD package which is beyond compare. The client can expect to find a wide variety of tools included in this package. Fully integrated 2D drafting tools, 3D surface and ACIS® solid modelling tools, assembly tools, advanced architectural tools and powerful LightWorks photorealistic rendering are all features that make this package desirable. What is more is that thousands of symbols, materials, decals and pre-drawn floor plans are also included in this package. There are features like customised toolbars, a set-up wizard and context sensitive help which make this package practical and functional. At the same time the block manager and the ability to quickly organize layers and layer sets aids the designer in improving drawing management. This is not all! In addition to all of these features this package benefits the designer as it also includes complete printing and publishing tools as well as extensive file support. For professional architects, engineers, illustrators and designers will find the new AutoCAD 2013 .DWG beneficial. Read more on the features of TurboCAD Mac Pro 7.


Computer-aided design (CAD) Programs

Computer-aided design is a computer technology that is ideal for the design of objects, real or virtual. CAD can be used to design two or three dimensional objects which makes it an ideal tool for the drafting of technical, engineering and architectural drawings as used in the automotive, shipbuilding, and aerospace industries, as well as in the industrial and architectural design.


TurboCAD is a generic CAD application with advanced features for architectural as well as mechanical design. It is also a perfect option for hobbyists and it can be used to develop just about anything. More on TurboCAD ...

With offices that opened in Pretoria East, South Africa, in September 2008, TurboCAD Training and support now have their own premises for training you in the use of professional drawing suites to take your business further.

TurboCAD Professional has all the tools you need for 2D drafting as well as 3D conceptual design with some exciting creative features. Easy rendering tools make this drawing suite a powerful assistant to your imagination.


Dear Jaco,

Having just completed one of your entry level three day courses, I would like to confirm how pleased I am with the result. Although I have had an early Turbocad product ( bought on Ebay) for several months now, prior to the course I was quite literally unable to draw a straight line properly. At the end of the three days I am now able to design and produce quite complicated 2D architectural plans and sections. I also have sufficient knowledge to " experiment " with the programme and continue to learn and improve as I go along.

I feel that the course was worth every cent, and will be making plans to return for the 3D course at some future date.

Thank You
Laurie Smart